An uncompromising combination of quality and sustainability

DESSEIN is a French word referring to an intention, a purpose that one sets out to achieve. Our brand is a reflection of our commitment to creating uncompromisingly virtuous products.

We have always wanted to create fine and effective products that bring enjoyment to those who use them.
As young entrepreneurs who grew up under the shadow of environmental and climate crises, we could not conceive creating not healthy products that were not adapted to the issues of the world we live in.

Our products are handcrafted from the highest quality natural ingredients.

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Driven by passion, rooted in conviction

Trees are havens of peace and oases of life for countless living beings.They also provide concrete solutions for environmental preservation on a global scale.

Ever since we can remember we have been fascinated by the natural world. We are also tireless creators with our hands always busy. Observing and contemplating the wonders of nature is an important part of our work process.

The sense of beauty and inner peace that trees provide led us to explore their role on this planet and the many beneficial uses that could be made of them. Discover our products, at the crossroads of our fascination for trees and our artisanal know-how.