Proposition n°3


Cocoa butter + Amyris + Atlas cedar wood

A richly moisturising and gently cleansing soap for face, hands and body. Crafted to protect and stimulate the skin, this bar provides effective cleansing and long-lasting moisture.


Contains high concentration of organic cocoa butter, full of antioxydants, easily absorbable and combined to organic castor oil to enhance moisture retention. Slightly added, French green clay and coconut charcoal gently purify and improve balance. Equally suitable for all skin types.

120g — 4,2 oz

A delicate, subtle blend of rich woody notes with warm balsamic touches.

Cold-saponified cacao* and shea* butters, coconut*, olive* and castor* oils, atlas cedar*, amyris wood and rosemary* essential oils
, french green clay and coconut charcoal
* organic ingredients