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Hempseed oil + Coconut charcoal + Clary sage

A deeply cleansing and balancing soap for face and body. Designed to smooth and brighten the skin, with mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities, it soothes and purifies.This bar is ideal for oily or problematic skin and gentle enough for daily use.


Rich in fatty acids and easily absorbable, organic hemp seed oil deeply nourrishes and rejuvenates the skin while clary-sage & niaouli provide mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatories qualities. Activated charcoal draws impurities away gently from the skin, providing a deep, gentle cleanse without drying.

120g — 4,2 oz

Fresh and aromatic notes of organic clary-sage and niaouli essential oils.

Cold-saponified hemp*, sweet almond*, coconut*, castor*, olive* oils and shea butter* , clary sage* and niaouli* essential oils , coconut charcoal
* organic ingredients