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Detoxifying + Anti-Inflammatory

Magnolia artisanal botanical soap is a gently purifying bar. It detoxifies and balances the skin with anti-inflammatory and sebum-regulating properties, thanks to the combination of Coconut Charcoal and the precious actives from Magnolia flowers.  

Contains Magnolia oil, an extremely rare active ingredient loaded with skin benefits. Magnolia essence provides the soap with a unique luxurious flowery fragrance.

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Key ingredients

Magnolia Flower Oil

Rich in antioxidant components such as honokiol and magnolol

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Castor Oil

Restores skin hydratation by nourishing its deepest layers

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Coconut Charcoal

Its antibacterial properties help allow a deep but gentle skin purification. 

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Our cold process soap bars offer gentle cleansing and deep nourishment to all skin types.