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Gentle on your skin, gentle on the planet.

Keeping our ecological impact to a minimum is a priority. We do not use plastic; all our packaging material is made of recyclable or compostable paperboard only. Along with this comes a sincere desire to give back at least some of what nature has given us.

In addition to their benefits on our skin, trees have the great ability to rebalance ecosystems and generate valuable and regenerative resources.
To put this idea into practice, we joined forces with One Tree Planted©, a non-profit organization that has worked for over 10 years to replant large areas in Africa and throughout the Amazon basin.

For one soap purchased on our website, a donation is automatically transferred to One Tree Planted©, who will plant your tree, working with local communities. At DESSEIN, every sale results in the immediate planting of a new tree that will play its part in the conservation of the planet and its residents, whatever their size and species.

From local to global impact

Planting trees increases the fertility of the farmland. By providing shade, shelter, and structure to the soil, trees help to retain water and limit erosion. Increasing biodiversity and farming productivity at once, their presence therefore has a significant positive impact on communities living from agriculture.

Retaining moisture in the soil and keeping temperatures low also have positive effects on a global scale. Together with the ability of trees to store carbon, these factors have a holistic effect on key issues such as desertification and global warming.

DESSEIN supports a new approach whereby people and nature can coexist more effectively.