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The best for your skin…

For the past 5 years, we have been making "cold process" soaps using an artisanal technique that preserves the benefits of the ingredients we use. This meticulous technique allows the precious oils contained in our soaps to provide the skin with ideal moisturizing to complement the cleansing function of the soap.

All our products are carefully manufactured in our own workshop located on the Brittany coast in France. also better for nature

The skin is our largest organ. To ensure its proper cleansing and nourishment, we use only pure and sustainable ingredients without any controversial additives. We always favour organic ingredients from fair trade cooperatives and work together with local partners who demand quality and sustainability.

Naturally superfatted, our products offer a rich, creamy lather providing moisture and an incredibly pleasant experience. Each product has specific properties and a unique scent, as a result of the essential oils we blend and incorporate into our formulas.

Of course, our products do not contain animal products, palm oil, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, mineral oils, sulfates, petrochemicals nor parabens.

DESSEIN soaps are safe to use in nature, and totally biodegradable.