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DESSEIN is a collection of refined soap bars inspired by the healing power of trees. We combine highly effective tree extracts and sustainable practices to create uncompromising soaps that are gentle for skin and planet.
Each of our signature bars is carefully designed to respond to a particular space, use or skin type using pure tree extracts, plant oils, butters, infusions and natural fine clays. Our soaps are made using the ‘cold process’ method, blended in small batches, poured, hand cut and air-cured for several weeks.

Our products do not contain any controversial or harmful additives components. Discover more about our formulations here.

Our approach is equally focused on both quality and consciousness. 
DESSEIN soap bars are natural, genderless and 100 percent biodegradable. Suitable for all skin types, they do not contain any controversial ingredients.
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Blending organic and ethically wildcrafted ingredients, opting for vegetable fibers and banning plastic from our packaging materials - we created the washes we always wanted."
Ambroise & Valentin, founders