Inspired by the healing power of trees

DESSEIN soap bars are handmade exclusively with pure and sustainable ingredients. Our approach is rooted in the utmost respect of people and planet. We aim to converge quality with sustainable practices to create highly effective but gentle solution for skin and nature.

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"You can see it everywhere on Instagram: in addition to being particularly pretty, this soap offers all its virtues at each wash"

"Decorative and subtly scented. This soap has the good taste of being natural, cold saponified and handmade in France"

"Breaking the codes to better seduce us. Real objects of desire, these specimens will also look great in any bathroom."

"What's new with soap bars? At DESSEIN, the collection of soap bars with graphic patterns is exhibited as an artwork itself."

Buy one soap, plant a tree

Trees are essential to the future and the health of our planet. In our soaps, they are used as active ingredients that provide unique properties to the skin.

In the framework of reforestation projects, DESSEIN works with One Tree Planted © to give back to the planet some of the gifts it offers us.

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Gentle for skin and nature

DESSEIN soaps are handmade in France using the cold process method. This meticulous technique allows the precious oils contained in our soaps to provide the skin with ideal moisturizing.

Offering a rich, creamy lather, our products are totally biodegradable.

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